"The Shining Stars Foundation gives strength, support, and hope to children living with pediatric cancer or another life-threatening illness and their families through outdoor, social, and recreational experiences."

Yesterday, owners Delinda and Peter Fatianow spent a beautiful evening at the Denver Botanical Gardens, helping to raise funds for the Shining Stars Foundation at the First Annual Mad Hatter’s Garden Party. The Shinning Stars Foundation  is currently one of few nonprofits nationally providing long-term, year-round care for children and their families through recreational programming at any stage in their cancer battle, including treatment, relapse, or remission--at no cost to the families of these brave children.


The foundation helps to provide programs for children battling cancer and other life-threatening illnesses to "move past just trying to survive, to thriving and truly living again." Each year, the foundation helps to provide wonderful experiences to these children and their families. From skiing and rafting, to social opportunities, to cooking classes and so much more, this phenomenal organization is bringing light where it is desperately needed.

If you would like to learn more, or to donate to the Shinning Stars Foundation, please visit  https://www.shiningstarsfoundation.org/