In this week's post, Indulge staff members share their favorite dishes from our menu for summer. Do you see your favorite mentioned here?

from Brittany

Spring salad! Light for summer and big in taste! Love the raspberry prosecco vinaigrette and dried cherries! Pair with our cuvée rose! 

from Molly

Greek salad with shrimp, because it is perfect for any weather! Just the right amount of food and our shrimp is so light and tasty!

Devon loves our Indulge Signature Salad (with steak because it's always cooked perfectly.) She's a fan of anything with avocado and says our house dressing is to die for!

Tyler loves our crab cakes because they are fresh and our coleslaw is some of the best he has had. (Here's a little secret: this is also our owner Peter's favorite and we've haven't changed them since we opened!)

Jeremy loves the Tony Soprano Flatbread because it is simple, classic, and tasty! (And another one that has been on our menu since we opened!)

from Charlotte

I love our Napa Valley burger made with bison. It is all of my favorite things on a burger: triple cream brie, prosciutto, and grilled onions. How can you go wrong with that? I like it made with bison because it is a little leaner.

What is your favorite dish at Indulge for summer time? Please share in the comments!