It's Father's Day, an occasion to honor all of the wonderful men in our lives! There are many ways to celebrate Father's Day, and one of the most popular is to treat your father to a meal. However, this simple act--eating a meal out together--can be a meaningful way to stay connected all year round. Here are five reasons to take your dad (or anyone else you love) out to eat more often:

1. Eating Meals Together Improves Relationships

Sharing a meal helps to strengthen family bonds. Many people realize that eating dinner together as a family on a regular basis is beneficial to children and parents, but this need continues even after children have moved out of the house. One of the best ways to continue to nurture relationships between parents and grown children is to make regular time to come together for a meal. Scheduling regular "family dates" at a favorite restaurant, like Indulge Wine Bar and Bistro, can be a great way to maintain strong connectivity between family members.

2. Eating Together Helps to Relieve Stress

Coming together over a delicious meal can be a much-needed opportunity to confide in people we trust, share our hopes and dreams, and to make light of daily stress at work through laughter. As a culture, we often underestimate our need for regular contact with other people, especially people that have known us all of our lives that we can truly confide in. It can be so relieving to simply visit with a trusted family member over a meal and a good glass of wine.

3. Spending Time With Someone Shows Them That They're Important to You

Making a regular dinner date with your dad, of any other family member or close friend, is one of the best ways to show them that they matter to you. Taking time out of our busy lives to sit down together, even if it's just over coffee and dessert, can mean the world to the ones we love.

4. Getting Out of the House Can Help Clear Our Minds

Sometimes having a regular dinner date on the calendar is all we need to get through a busy or stressful week. We know we've got a meal out with someone we love to look forward to, a chance to clear our mind and enjoy time with the ones we love. 

5. A Regular Dinner Date Reinforces That Relationships Are a Priority

Scheduling a regular dinner date with the people we love helps to reinforce to ourselves that relationships are a priority in our lives. It can be easy to get caught up in work, managing a home, and family obligations, and forget to make time to simply connect with each other. Being intentional about setting aside time to do that can help to remind us what really matters: the relationships we have with our family and close friends.

Indulge Wine Bar and Bistro is a the perfect place to make a regular date with your dad, or anyone else you love! With locations in Golden and Highlands Ranch, Colorado, and featuring an extensive wine list, craft cocktails, and delicious contemporary fare, it's sure to be the highlight of your month! 

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