Happy Summer Solstice!

Today, June 21st, marks the 2018 summer solstice. Sometimes called "midsummer," this is the day when the Sun reaches its highest altitude of the year. The days have reached their longest length, and will slowly begin to get shorter from here on out. 

Celebrate the solstice in style with these 10 ideas from Indulge Wine Bar and Bistro in Golden and Highlands Ranch, Colorado (some of the nicest places in the world to spend the summer):

1. Take a Sun-Bath

The solstice is all about enjoying and celebrating the power of the sun, so be sure to spend some time soaking it up! Be sure to lather up with sunscreen first, especially in Colorado where our high altitude means it won't take long to burn when you're outside. 

2. Spend Time in the Garden

Tend the plants you already have or grow something new. Starting sunflowers would be a wonderful tribute to this special day!

3. Attend a Bonfire

Bonfires are a traditional way to celebrate midsummer, and can be such a wonderful time for family and friends coming together. (You may want to skip this one if you live in Colorado, though, as we've had a very dry winter and most places have strict fire bans in place.)

4. Begin Something New

Is there a hobby or activity you've been meaning to try? The summer solstice is a great time to start new things! Sign up for that dance class, enroll in that pottery workshop, join that book club--now is your chance to bring fresh energy into your life through creative pursuits.

5. Explore the Great Outdoors

Midsummer is a day to be outside--hiking, kayaking, rock-climbing, white-water rafting, horse-back riding, camping, or biking. If you're lucky enough to call Colorado home, you've got a smorgasbord to choose from! 

6. Review and Renew Your Goals for 2018

We're about halfway through the calendar year, so this is the perfect chance to review the goals you set out for yourself back in January. Have you been making steady progress toward achieving them, or did they get dropped somewhere along the line? If so, pick them back up and recommit to seeing them through. 

7. Meditate or Practice Yoga

Today is a wonderful day to bring mindfulness into your life. Spend some time meditating in a quiet place, or attend a yoga class. 

8. Make a Flower Crown

Another tradition for midsummer is to make a crown of flowers. This is a great activities for families to do together. Gather your supplies and spend the day making beautiful wreaths of flowers to wear in celebration of this special day.

9. Host a Solstice Feast...

10. ...or Visit Indulge Wine Bar and Bistro and Enjoy Some of Our Best Summer Fare!

Stop by our locations in Golden or Highlands Ranch, Colorado, and treat yourself to our extensive wine list, craft cocktails, and contemporary menu. From artisan flatbread pizzas to delightful appetizers and savory entrees, we've got something for everyone! 

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